Ode to the empty vase

In my English class we are studying Clint Smith’s poetry collection “Counting Descent.” All of his poetry is amazing but the ones that stood out to me the most were odes. So I decided to use his ode as a mentor text for my very own ode in memory of my brother, Zachary.

Ode to the empty vase

I feel your pain

The way you were once

full of yellow daisies.

Now you’re collecting dust in the corner.

I too,

was collecting dust.

My heart was empty when I woke up that morning and death was inside

my home.

When they took what was once alive

outside to the dirt

to disintegrate.




The way I slowly lost every part of him,

the way the room slowly lost its possessions.

the clothes first

then the diapers

then the feeding tube

then the bed


all gone


one day different flowers will fill your vase, but never the same

yellow daisies.


8 thoughts on “Ode to the empty vase

  1. I did not know you lost your brother, Zoey. I have a newfound respect for you and I absolutely adored this poem. I love the lines about taking what once was alive to disintegrate in the dirt. The last stanza is powerful, as well. I really enjoyed your poem and hope you will continue writing them!

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